Why Virgin America

Virgin America is more than just a fleet of aircraft transporting people from point A to point B. We’re a collective of status-quo-challenging individuals who happen to dig planes, taking people where they want to go, and showing them a good time in the process.

We’re into shaking things up. For that reason, Virgin America is not for everyone. The task of re-inventing air travel doesn’t lend itself to the meek, the satiated, and the comfortable.

What kind of person can get the job done? Someone creative, compassionate, patient, visionary, spontaneous, articulate, attentive, ambitious, fun, humble, brave, sympathetic, unflappable, dedicated, curious, passionate, energetic, inspiring, and trustworthy. (And good with adjectives.)

It’s the belief in one’s own potential that separates the great from the unmemorable. So the only question you have to ask yourself is:

Are you Virgin enough for Virgin America?

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