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Once you earn your Elevate Status level, you’ll enjoy the benefits that come with it for the rest of the year, and the next year too. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

Earn 20,000 status points and flying Virgin America will feel like life on a silver platter.

silver benefits

Land 50,000 status points, and you'll feel like you've struck it rich every time you fly with us.

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How To Earn Status Points

Your Elevate Silver or Elevate Gold Status is calculated daily based on the number of Elevate status points you’ve earned in a calendar year. We’ll check your Elevate account daily to see if you’re ready to take your membership to the next level. Earning status points is pretty simple, actually:

Flying With Us

You'll earn five status points for every $1 spent on your base fare for all Virgin America flights. The more you fly, the more status points you'll earn.

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Airline Partners

Earn bonus status points based on the number of miles and the class of service when you fly with Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia.

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Premium Visa® Card

Earn 5,000 bonus status points for every $10,000 of eligible purchases, up to a maximum of 15,000 status points per calendar year.*

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