how it works

Everything you need to know to get the most out of your Elevate® Silver or Elevate® Gold Status benefits.

Take The Good Seats.

Free Express seats

Select a seat in Express free of charge at the time of booking:

  • Get a guaranteed spot in the front of our Main Cabin, and be on your way right after touchdown.

  • Make sure to select an Express seat when choosing your seat assignment online or through our Contact Center.

Complimentary upgrades to Main Cabin Select

Opt in for complimentary upgrades to Main Cabin Select when there’s space available:

  • If you’re flying solo, you’ll have the chance to opt in for an upgrade while you book your flight online, through an authorized travel agent or through the Virgin America Contact Center. We’ll update your flight status with your new cabin (if available) up to two hours before departure.

  • If you’re traveling with companions, you can opt in to upgrade your seat by calling your exclusive Elevate Silver or Elevate Gold reservations line.

  • Because upgrades are automatic, we can’t guarantee availability of any previously selected Main Cabin seats once you’ve been assigned a spot in Main Cabin Select.

  • If you’re upgraded to Main Cabin Select after you've checked in for your flight, you’ll need to check in again online or at the airport to choose your new seat in Main Cabin Select.

Advance First Class upgrades

Take your pick of First Class seats by purchasing First Class upgrades in advance for you and your plus-one. You can purchase available First Class upgrades in advance online, through our Contact Center, or when you check in at the airport:

  • Elevate Silver members can purchase First Class upgrades beginning 12 hours before departure.

  • Elevate Gold members can purchase First Class upgrades beginning 24 hours before departure.

Use Your License To Lounge.

Virgin America Loft access

Your Elevate Silver or Elevate Gold status comes with discounted access to our official airport lounge at LAX, where you can get some work done, grab a snack or meal, or simply sit back and relax.  To enter the Loft, just show your Elevate Silver or Elevate Gold membership card or Digital Card, plus a valid Virgin America boarding pass for same-day travel.

  • Elevate Silver: $15 per Elevate Silver member

  • Elevate Gold: Free access

Members with existing complimentary passes may still use them for the remainder of the Member’s Membership Year.  Each single-use pass to the Loft is good for one person.  Complimentary passes are non-transferable and may be used by the Elevate member or the member’s accompanying guests.  Accompanying guests with valid same-day Virgin America boarding passes may purchase additional passes at the Loft on the day of travel.

Enjoy Priority Airport Services.

Priority Check In

Show your Elevate Silver or Elevate Gold membership card at any Virgin America ticket counter to check in at the First Class lane.

Priority Security

Flash your boarding pass to breeze through the Priority Security line to keep moving.

Priority Boarding

We don’t like to keep you waiting. That’s why you’ll always be among the first to board every Virgin America flight. Check your boarding pass for your priority boarding group.

Priority Baggage Handling

When you check your baggage, we’ll mark your bags with Priority tags so they’ll be one of the first off the belt at your destination.

Get Free Checked Bags.

Your free checked bag allowances on Virgin America flights

Check your bags for free at the airport or when you check in online:

  • Elevate Silver members may check one bag for free.

  • Elevate Gold members may check up to three bags for free.

​Free checked bags are limited to a maximum of 50 lbs per bag and must meet weight and size restrictions. Your free checked bag allowances cannot be combined with any other allowances, including Main Cabin Select or First Class baggage allowances.

Get More Of A Good Thing.

Bonus Reward Points

Earn bonus reward points for every Virgin America flight you purchase:

  • Elevate Silver members earn 25% more points.
    Example: Elevate Silver member books a flight for $100 base fare: $100 X 5 points per $1 spent = 500 reward points.
    Your Elevate Silver status earns you 25% more reward points: $100 x 1.25 = 125 bonus points + 500 points = 625 total reward points
  • Elevate Gold members earn 100% more points.
    Example: Elevate Gold member books a flight for $100 base fare: $100 X 5 points per $1 spent = 500 reward points.
    Your Elevate Gold Status gets you 100% more reward points: $100 x 5 = 500 bonus points + 500 points = 1,000 total reward points

Note: Elevate Silver 25% or Elevate Gold 100% bonus reward points cannot be earned on other Elevate transactions, such as flights booked with airline partners, points earned with other Elevate partners, or buying, gifting or transferring points. Bonus reward points are not status qualifying and do not count toward renewing your Elevate Silver or Elevate Gold status.

Go On. Take It Off.

25% Off** A Non-Refundable Main Cabin Ticket

Take 25% off** a non-refundable main cabin ticket for bookings made by December 31 of your benefit year:

  • Take one 25% off code per year for Elevate Silver members
  • Take two 25% off codes per year for Elevate Gold members

Your 25% off codes can be used toward any eligible bookings made with dollars but not for reward flights booked with Elevate points.

We'll send an email including your personalized, single-use promo codes once you reach or renew Elevate Silver or Elevate Gold Status. Remember to save your codes so you can use them to grab a seat through December 31.

Enjoy Perks With Our Airline Partners.

Priority Perks With Our Airline Partners

As an Elevate Gold member, you can count on priority perks to make your day of travel that much easier, even when you fly on our sister airlines. Make sure to flash your Elevate Gold card to get the following benefits.

Virgin Atlantic

  • Priority Check In

  • Priority Security

  • Priority Boarding

Virgin Australia

  • Priority Check In

  • Priority Security

  • Priority Boarding

  • Priority Baggage Handling

  • Complimentary access to eight Virgin Australia airport lounges in Australia***

And, as an Elevate Silver member, you can enjoy the following perks on international flights with Virgin Australia:

  • Priority Check In

  • Priority Boarding